The Illusion collection is based on an iridescent metamerism effect where you have to move the plate to perceive all the nuances of this turquoise blue that radiates from every table.

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Emerald Jewelry

Like a true goldsmith's work where even the facets are designed, this precious collection of haute joaillerie is inspired by ancient jewels with a modern touch that makes these plates timeless. It took several trials to obtain the authentic emerald color, which is magnified by the gold. Johanne's jewelry signature in the world of porcelain.

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Sapphire Jewelry

A collection twisted in sapphire and platinum like white gold to sublimate these plates. The central jewel is a reference to British royalty, making these plates all the more prestigious! The reflection of the platinum adds movement to the plate, like a necklace set with precious stones.

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Blue Eclipse

The Eclipse collection is designed for gourmet restaurants thanks to its originality and bright, nuanced colors. It's the result of firing several colors to achieve that authentic "misty" ef ect and authentic ef ect that finds its place in prestigious settings.

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Yellow Eclipse

This variation of yellows, without the use of real gold, makes this plate much less fragile over time. Its golden color makes it perfect for celebrating events such as endof-year celebrations, weddings, etc

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Johanne offers made-to-measure personalisation of plates to give as wedding gifts, for example, or to put the name of a villa, boat, restaurant, etc. on the plates.

Customise your plates in virtual reality