The art of welcoming by Johanne.

" It's no coincidence that I'm now a porcelain designer. "

A trained journalist, I was a TV columnist on Canal Sat and I then launched my show concept on social networks through my nickname Ladyjoe_ .

Being at the restaurant every day, I focus my angle on gastronomy where I interview renowned chefs with the aim of returning to television with my own concept of a show around gastronomy.

We were then all confined, and I reoriented my project with “A chef at home” where the chefs of the capital come to my kitchen to create recipes live.

I am then invited to many starred establishments to communicate on my social networks and the consecration, the Michelin Guide invites me to its ceremony where all the chefs are present.

After all these efforts where I am recognized in the world of gastronomy, it was enough to be told to me:

“Why don’t you create your own brand of tableware?” »

Cela était en fait une évidence, puisque j’ai toujours aimé l’art de la table et recevoir grâce à ma mère qui a éduqué mon palais avec sa cuisine.

Et pour rester dans le thème de la gastronomie et mettre en avant notre savoir-faire, c’était une certitude pour moi de faire du 100% made in France avec de la porcelaine de Limoges où je travaille avec le meilleur artisan d'art de la région qui collabore pour les plus grandes maisons.